How to Save on Business Advice!

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Use Ontario’s “Small Business Access” portal and local Small Business Enterprise Centres.

This may look a bit odd. Why would I as “Andreas Hug Consulting” post an article alerting you to this business service? Some of these services are free, some are a low cost way to get initial answers to your business questions or get training, mentoring support or a grant through the “Starter Company Plus” program at Small Business Enterprise Centres in Guelph-Wellington County and Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge.


If you came to me first, and then found out that you could have saved money by doing some quick online search yourself at, went to #SmallBusinessAccess or called toll-free for advice? (1-888-999-5970, 0830  to 1700 on business days). This is a dedicated support number! Service is available both in English and French.


I am sure you would be upset and never talk to me again.


Main areas of free and low cost services

  • Get funding (for hiring and retaining youth ages 15-29, apprenticeship training grants, etc.)
  • Get business advice (have in-depth conversations on your businesses’ needs)
  • Grow your business (going global, get federal government support, sell to the Ontario government)
  • Get legal advice for small business owners over the phone (time-limited calls)
  • Training and mentoring


Where and when


Online links: and #SmallBusinessAccess

Toll-free 1-888-999-5970, 0830 – 1700  on business days

“Pro Bono Ontario” legal advice for small business owners over the phone (time-limited calls)

Toll-free 1-855-755-7256 on business days



Waterloo Region

Waterloo Region Small Business Centre

Kitchener City Hall, Main office, 200 King Street West, Main Floor

PO Box 1118, Kitchener, ON N2G 4G7

T 519-741-2604                   F 519-745-1522

0830 – 1600 (summer hours), Monday through Friday


Cambridge City Hall, Satellite office

96 Grand Avenue South, Suite 103

Cambridge, ON N1R 5W8

T 519-740-4683                   F 519-740-4693

0830 – 1630, Monday through Friday, consultations by appointment only



Waterloo City Hall, Satellite office

100 Regina Street South, First Floor, Suite 170

Waterloo, ON N2J 4A8

T 519-747-6265                   F 519-747-6266

0830 – 1230, 1330 – 1430, Monday through Friday, consultations by appointment only



By referral you may arrange a 40 minute one-on-one consultation for only $20 + HST with professionals for questions in the areas of:

Legal, Accounting, Etsy Online Sales/Marketing, Business Operations/Growth, Social Media Marketing, Human Resources, Digital Marketing.



Guelph and Wellington County


Business Centre Guelph-Wellington

Main office, 14 Macdonell Street, Unit 100

Guelph, ON N1H 2Z3

T 519-826-4701                   F 519-826-4721

0830 – 1630, Monday through Friday


Fergus, Satellite office

160 Provost Lane

Fergus, ON N1M 2M6

T 226-383-4338


Business advisor in residence programs, consultations by appointment only

  • Arthur, Arthur Library, 110 Charles Street East
  • Mount Forest, District Sports Complex, 650 Princess Street
  • Hillsburgh, Hillsburgh Library, 9 Station Street
  • Mapleton, Drayton Town Office, Township office, 7275 Sideroad 16, Drayton, ON N0G 1P0


The Business Centre Guelph-Wellington offers a wide range of services, programs, mentoring, training, workshops and events for business. Check for up-to-date information.


Once you have exhausted all these free and very low cost sources of business advice, and still need more help, then you may consider contacting Andreas Hug Consulting for executive support to get done what is needed for your business at the time. Just call me at 519-763-1419, (mobile: 416-575-4735), to set up a free initial one hour conversation to discuss your needs. This does not create any obligation on your part. I will be glad to listen and together with you explore if, and how, I can be of help.

Andreas Hug Consulting