Andreas Hug Consulting GuelphDo you wish to take a fresh look at the future of your business, identify and evaluate alternative paths, and take action to achieve the redefined goals? Andreas works with entrepreneurs, who wish to complement their own strengths with those of a seasoned advisor to build a stronger management team and achieve success.


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If they said “It can’t be done…”, or  “It has never been done…”, call Andreas Hug to explore those opportunities.


Business Assessment

Are you interested in getting a concise assessment of your business, its opportunities and threats, prepared by an outside advisor.


  • Budget proposals
  • Multi-year projections
  • Likely impact of market trends
  • Comparison with major competitors
  • Optimistic / most likely / pessimistic scenarios
  • Opportunities for a potential purchaser of your business
  • Other areas deserving a closer look


Project Support

There are many projects where you may want to get some temporary extra support, to complement your existing project team, its availability, skills, expertise and network. Please review Andreas Hug’s background, experience, network and education. Then check his availability.