Performance Analysis

Andreas has been a long-time practitioner of extracting essential  information for decision makers.


Early in his career, he developed a one-page summary for members of the Board of Directors of Canada Wire and Cable (International) for each of their Joint venture companies. He did it long before the term KPI (Key Performance Indicator) became a standard consulting term, by adapting the idea of World War II pilots who kept key information about the performance of their aircraft. Back then, some pilots kept a little black booklet, which they called “Carnet de Bord”. Now, you can do something similar on your smart phone.


Would you like help in defining your own system of performance analysis, complete with trend analysis and customized alerts, if emerging trends require your early attention?


Performance Improvement

There are always opportunities to improve the performance of a business. Main questions frequently are What? How? What priority? Who will be on the project team? Can we do it ourselves or do we need extra help? What goals are realistic?