Are you overworked with searching for and evaluating candidates for open positions? Even though you are already using executive recruiters, staffing companies, on-line web sites and your personal network, this task can still be very time consuming and not producing the desired results.


Andreas Hug has been in your position in his HR functions, screening, hiring and firing. But he has also been on the outside, pre-screening hundreds of applications for executives who only had time to look at short-listed candidates who appeared not only have the required skill set and experience, but whose personalities indicated a fit with company culture and who could quickly take a load off their shoulders.


Andreas Hug can help you in this highly confidential and delicate area, especially if you do not feel comfortable in delegating this pre-screening task to your existing in-house HR staff. He can also help you to identify non-standard sources of candidates and assist with fine-tuning of position descriptions. If you wish, he will make initial verifying calls, or even join you in online and phone interviews, so that you can concentrate more on listening to the “between-the-lines” signals in the reactions and answers of candidates.


Formal reference checks, contract negotiations and on-boarding always remain your responsibility.