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Special tasks and project deadlines keeping you awake at night, while you deal with regular business and emergencies during the day? Let’s talk to find an affordable, time-limited solution for you. Be in control and increase your business success.

Andreas Hug Consulting

Take  advantage of Andreas Hug’s years of broad managerial experience gained in Canada, the USA and Europe, and with joint ventures in numerous other countries. Comfortable in working with owners, CEOs, line managers, engineers, legal and risk managers, controllers and human resource staff, joint ventures, start-ups, international expansions.


Without obligation, contact Andreas Hug for a free one hour conversation, to find out if there is a fit.


You can end any consulting arrangement at any time, without having to give reasons, and without termination fees.


– Not your stereotypical management consultant!


If they said “It can’t be done…”, or  “It has never been done…”, call Andreas Hug to explore those opportunities.


  • Use Andreas’ experience in analyzing and improving business performance.
  • Use his large network of local and international business connections to find experts, potential alliance partners, international expansion.
  • Get personalized business advice and suggestions in an invisible, “behind the scenes” form, when nobody needs to know anything about the source of advice and suggestions. You make the decisions, and you keep all the credit for success. Or make it visible, so you can use the consultant to “float a trial balloon”.
  • Appoint Andreas to become a member of your public Advisory Board, as distinct from your Board of Directors and senior management team.
  • Use his experience in building a startup business (as advisor and as entrepreneur) for market analysis and business plans.
  • Get help with the “people side” of business.
  • Work with Andreas to get confidential HR support for delicate personnel selection and pre-screening assignments.
  • Make use of his experience in communicating and working with persons of different cultures, languages, personalities, education and careers. Let him help you reduce misunderstandings and build a culture of acceptance, cooperation and collaboration.


If you have any questions how to manage your businessbuild connections, and get HR support just contact Andreas Hug Consulting. Check out his business background and read some testimonials from people who know him.


Without obligation, contact Andreas Hug for a free one hour conversation, to find out if there is a fit.